start|er [ `startər ] noun count *
▸ 1 someone to start race
▸ 2 someone/something that races
▸ 3 food to start meal
▸ 4 for starting activity
▸ 5 machine/engine part
1. ) an official who signals the start of a race, especially by firing a gun
a ) under starter's orders when the runners or horses are under starter's orders, the race is ready to start
2. ) a person or horse that takes part in a race when it starts:
Fewer than half the starters will finish.
a ) used for talking about the time or manner in which someone starts something:
Tiger Woods was among the early starters.
I've always been a slow starter in the mornings.
3. ) MAINLY BRITISH a small amount of food eaten at the start of a meal:
Stuffed peppers make a good starter for a dinner party.
4. ) something you say or do to start a particular activity, for example a conversation or a game:
The students' own experiences can be a useful starter for discussion.
I'll give you the first three letters as a starter (=for you to guess the rest of the word).
5. ) the part of a machine or engine that makes it start
for starters MAINLY SPOKEN
1. ) as the beginning or first stage of something:
For starters, we ought to explain why we're here.
$40? That'll do for starters.
2. ) used for introducing the first point in a series, especially in an argument:
For starters, it's too expensive.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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